We were in your shoes… Not Anymore!

You can  use the Key Lock Sequence & Magnetic Messaging to:

  • Get out of the dreaded “Friend Zone
  • Kickstart things with the one you thought was sleeping away without looking needy or desperate
  • Make the girls fight over you, clawing for your attention!

When you use these three texts its like pushing a key into a lock, turning and awakening an exciting, fun, and sexual side of her that she has hidden from all the other guys in her phone…

You will also learn…

In the chapters of Magnetic Messaging, you will learn:

  • The core principles of the phone and text game
  • Best tactics on how to use the Key-Lock sequence to get a date
  • The right amount to text and what to text
  • She won’t respond? They got that covered too!
  • How to follow-up after a date
  • How to text a girl you’ve just slept with
  • The art of bantering (aka bullshitting)
  • How to begin sexting
  • How to get her to send naked pictures
  • Ways to deal with logistics
  • And tons more!

Magnetic Messaging Review – Updated 2014

In the chapters of Magnetic Messaging, you will learn:

  • The principles of the phone and text game
  • How to use the Key-Lock sequence to get a date
  • When and how much to text
  • What to do if she doesn’t respond
  • How to follow-up after a date
  • How to text a girl you’ve just slept with
  • The art of bantering (aka bullshitting)
  • How to begin sexting
  • How to get her to send naked pictures
  • Ways to deal with logistics
  • And tons more!

And the BEST part is…

It works like clockwork…


On any girl you meet….

So You’ll Never Struggle With What To Write To A Girl Again….

Listen… CLICK HERE to watch a detailed video about Magnetic Messaging & the Key Lock Sequence.

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19 thoughts on “We were in your shoes… Not Anymore!

  1. Hey guys thanks for asking this question. It is not a specific 3 texts like… First say this, then say that, and thirdly…..

    There are 3 phases basically 1. Sparking emotions, 2. Making connections, and 3. Handling logistics.

    The purpose of the book is to define
    each ingredient, supply plenty of examples and templates,
    and explain when—and how much—to use each. If you can
    do that, you will never lose another girl because of a clumsy
    follow up.
    Moreover, you’ll never add the wrong ingredients.

    Notice how the three ingredients of phoning and texting are NOT:
    • Asking questions
    • Providing entertainment
    • Acting polite
    • Making small talk
    • Offering explanations
    • Reciting soliloquys
    • Begging
    Adding the wrong ingredients is like trying to make a pizza
    with bananas, mustard, and pita shells. But rather than getting
    a disgusting dish, you get an unresponsive and uninterested
    girl. Using the wrong ingredients will douse whatever sexual spark you may have had with her.

    Guys is is not hard you just need the right tools and guidance. We provide it all in magnetic messaging. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  2. Hey guys I have been using magnetic for almost 3 months. It is well put together and you get a lot! One of the bonuses is the 99 best texts of all time and I have it on my phone at all times. Took me about 2 weekends to really get the hang of it and come up with my own solid game plan, but if you stick with it… It works like a charm. They even answer emails which is great. I was stuck a few times and Bobby was really responsive and helpful. Thanks

    • Aaron thanks man! We love answering emails and helping you guys out. There is nothing better then a success story. Would you mind doing a testimonial for us?

  3. it’s sort of really depressing that you want guys to pay for this material. If you had any integrity, you would offer the finer details about these “magnetic texts” in a free blog.

    How do you sleep at night

    • How do we sleep at night??? “Next to women! 😉

      We do give info away for free, but the main course costs money. This was something that took us months to put together so why would we just give it away? 95% of people who buy our course appreciate it greatly. The fact is you need to take a monetary step towards your success. By purchasing the product you are monetarily vested and that will help you follow the steps.

  4. Thank you sir for the info on 3 texts. I have been looking at this product and watched the video numerous times, but was not able to get any clarity on the 3 texts and you have explained it well. I am from India. How do you think this will work on woman from my country?

    • Sanjay no problem glad it helped. The fact is women are women no matter where they are from. Sure there are different angles for different cultures, but in the end our tactics will work on any women no matter where you are from. Let us know how you make out.

  5. I have been texting this girl for about a week now, just back and forth type stuff, but I feel like I am losing her fast! Any tips on how to get this moving again? I met her once and have only been texting. I want to meet up and make things happen. Please let me know.

    • Hey Nate we know this situation all to well… how often are you texting her. Are you firing off texts as soon as she sends one or responds to one? If so STOP!! Are you sending stupid texts like, hey sup, whatcha doing? If so STOP!!! Look at the top of the comments here at my original 3rd reply….. We go into great detail in the course, but here is some free and simple guidance.

      If you are initiating the texts, then stop for a day… then the next day send her a text that peaks her interest and her emotions. Send her a text to encourage a response. Get her answering something about herself.

      If she initiates the text then don’t answer her for a day and follow up the next day with something like you were busy. Very broad…

      Use what you know about her to help you out!

    • Basically what can you say that will get her connecting with you? What do you know about her? What intrigues her? You may have to put in some detective work to figure it out, but when you do… bamm!

  6. Hey guys question. I have a date this Friday. So.. that is a good thing. I want to shoot out some text to her early and get her thinking about me all day until we meet up for the date. Any ideas?

    • Hey Gary… hmm
      Few things….

      Are you ready for the night of your life!!

      Hope you have some energy!

      OMG I just thought of the craziest thing to do tonight.

      Of course if you use these, you better have something cool planned. Don’t tell her either. Have her thinking about you all day long and what is going to happen 😉

      Let us know how it goes!

  7. Hay guy! Thanks so much for creating an awesome product! It has given me amazing confidence! Quick question before i start the technique: if you are to go to Google and search “how to ask a girl out via text” or even “meet up” a lot of what people say online is that it is a BAD idea to ask her out via text, instead they argue, a guy should call. How does this product and technique differentiate itself from being that “bad idea?”

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